Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Mind

I know its been QUITE a long while since I have last written but I'm sure we all have those days that turn into weeks that turn into months where you are just crazy busy! Such has been the case but now it is time to get back to self centering. As you may recall this blog is about focusing on he mind, body, soul, freedom ( from financial worry), and entrepreneurship. 

I last left off speaking of certain things we can and should do to keep our minds sharp well into our golden years. Out of the five "steps" this one is the easiest for me just for the simple fact that I love to read! 

I am going to move on to the next step but I wanted to speak a little about a book I read a few months ago and a couple more time since then that has had a dramatic effect on my life. I know this may sound corny to you but it truly has. That book is "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. This book actually hit the market several years ago. I didn't read it then because EVERYONE was reading it and I tend to shy away from books that are popular culture simply because in my opinion those books are not that great to me. 

Anyway, earlier this year in conversation with two of my friends they both recommended that I read this book. Because my friends and I enjoy many similar books I figured it must be a good read. So I went to the library for the book and after reading it I went out and bought it, read it again and have since purchased it for my iPad so I can always have it at my fingertips. 

The long-short of the book so that I don't prattle on is that "what you think about you bring about". If you are the type of person who always has negative thoughts then you will almost always attract negative situations to you. Same goes for positive thoughts. Think positively and positive things will happen. Such has been the case for me since I have read the book. Those who know me best tell me I seem different, happier, I have a glow about me. All these things are true and it just gets better everyday. And when I feel a little off I just pick it up and read it again to get re-centered again. So with all that said feel free to click on the link and purchase this book! It will be your best investment!

Moving on I am proud to say that I have signed up for sign language classes starting in October. I am very excited about this as it has always been something I wanted to learn and what a great way to help engage my mind! What about you? What new skill(s) are you working on to keep that beautiful mind sharp? Get out there and get smart! What are you waiting for?!

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